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Heat Pump Replacement in San Rafael, CA

We recently completed a successful heat pump replacement project in San Rafael, CA, utilizing the following Daikin Fit Series equipment:

• Daikin Fit Series 115V DFVE Air Handler 3.5 Ton 21"
• Daikin Fit Series 115V DFVE Air Handler 5 Ton 24"
• Daikin Fit Heat Pump 5.0 Ton
• Daikin Fit Heat Pump 3.5 Ton
• Controls and accessories

Why choose Fuse HVAC for your heat pump replacement?

• Experienced and Certified Technicians: Our team is highly trained and EPA certified, ensuring professional and safe installation.
• Quality Equipment: We work with reputable brands like Daikin, offering reliable and energy-efficient solutions.
• Comprehensive Service: We offer everything from installation to maintenance, keeping your heat pump running smoothly year-round.

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